Author: Clive Enever

15 expert areas a business coach brings to the table

Just as every business will need an accountant, benefit from marketing advice and call in an IT pro, sometimes the big issues of business require the assistance that only an expert can give. Let’s explore 15 expert areas a business coach brings to the table.

Whether it’s identifying your customer, formulating your business plan or plotting your exit strategy, here are the top 15 areas where a business coach is the go-to pro to furnish you with a second set of eyes, provide a solid sounding board and proffer the best advice.

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How Business Strategist can help you grow your personal and leadership skills

Business ownership requires the wearing of many hats. There’s staff management, customer relations, administration, and forward planning, but not all roles come naturally to all people.

If your forte is the fine print but not the finer details of staff negotiation and leadership, here’s how a Business Strategist can help you build your personal and leadership skills.

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From goals to growth reality

When it comes to business strategy, we often talk about goal setting for growth. But what about the step after goal setting, which is taking action?

Transforming your goals from dreams to reality requires action that involves planning, measuring and accountability. So, let’s look at these three areas and how they form the bridge between a concept and a reality.

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Creating a Winning Linkedin Profile

Creating a winning LinkedIn profile that projects the difference you deliver helps let others know about you.
A stand-out profile also ensures collaborators see you as credible, and in being aware of your specialist knowledge and expertise, are more likely to refer business to you.

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