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Why a business plan is key for your business

There’s a great old saying that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, yet in business we often overlook one of the most basic strategic tools that help guide a company into the future – the business plan. Whether you’re starting out, expanding, or stepping back from your business, a plan is the road map of your business endeavour. Put simply, it’s essential, and here’s why.

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Why a good marketing plan is a great idea

In the business world telling people about what you do is almost as important as how well you do it. And when it comes to marketing, there’s no one size fits all approach. This is why a professional marketing plan is imperative to your business. A coach or mentor can help you create this plan, turning your marketing dollar into real results, and here’s how

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What makes a good business coach?

Like finding the right business partner or choosing the best staff member, selecting a business coach is about more than what you see on paper. This is a person who will understand your goals and work with you to meet them, bringing their skill set to the table to help you attain your success. Here are five factors that make a good business coach.

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It’s all about the branding

The look, feel and image of your business are as important as any product you sell. It’s this almost intangible asset that gives you a leg up over your competitors or cements your position in the marketplace. It identifies who you are and what you are about, along with the way your product makes people feel. It’s all about the branding, and here’s how to translate yours to success.

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Get your numbers together

Ideally business is about a combination of things; passion, lifestyle and being your own boss. But when it comes down to it, the figures are a huge component of why people run a business. They’re the difference between major success and just making a living. If this all important area is lagging or has you less than inspired, here’s how a coach can help.

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Five ways to help a business coach help you

If you’re considering engaging a business coach then odds are you’re looking for real change and real progress in your business. But just allowing someone else in to take a big picture perspective of your enterprise isn’t the end of the process.
To enable long-lasting change and the rewards that follow there are a host of things a business owner can do to assist their mentor. Here are five ways you can help a business coach help you.

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Taking business ownership from busy to productive

If you own a business the likelihood is you’re busy. There’s the bookwork, staff to look after, an office to run and an image to maintain. But the reality is there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive and when the former overwhelms the latter, it’s time to take a new approach. This is where a coach or mentor proves invaluable and here’s why.

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Behind every champion is a great coach

Think of the sporting greats and behind every champion is a great coach. Consider the stellar students of the world and behind every achiever is a mentor. So why is business any different? Just like in sports or studies, having a person with greater insight and experience to assist you in business can be a huge leap towards success. A coach can help business owners take the next step and here are just three of the reasons why.

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