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The secret seven – the biggest issues in business

After 30 years as a business mentor and as a business owner myself, I’ve encountered some common themes along the way when it comes to issues in business. From poor communication to lacking clarity there’s a number of pitfalls that business owners don’t even know they are sliding into. So here is my short list of the seven issues likely to affect business.

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Why goal setting is important to your business

Each day we set goals in life, the little lists that run through our heads at 4am, or the big aims we hope to achieve like buying a house, paying down a loan or taking the kids on a well-earned holiday. In business hopes and dreams are no less important, but often fade into the background of day to day management. It’s all about goal setting, and it’s something a coach can help you with. Here’s why it’s so important to your business

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The most important questions in business

When it comes to business, too often business owners become bogged down in the day-to-day running of things. We get caught up in the operation but fail to look at the big picture of what we hope to achieve and how. Success can be whittled down to a number of factors by answering some pertinent questions. These are the questions a business owner should be asking in order to achieve success.

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Planning to succeed in Business

There’s an old saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, and this is certainly the case when it comes to business. Too often business owners believe their product or service will do the talking and fail to properly plan to achieve their goals. Whether it’s planning for expansion, planning to start your own business, planning for succession, or planning for sale, a good business plan means planning for success and here are the critical tips for attaining it.

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Business Coaching – Why / What / How etc

Business Coaching has been a growing phenomenon over the last several years and many people have taken advantage of the opportunity to grow their business using the assistance a coach can offer.  There has also been substantial growth in the number of coaches offering their services.

What does a Business Coach do?  Like a coach of a sporting team or individual the Business Coach enables the one being coached to use more of their innate talents, achieve more in less time and reach greater heights.

It is natural to wonder how a coach might help; what a coach might do; and how one might help.  All valid questions and all deserving of answers.

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How to Listen

Listening is a very important skill in business and is essential to every conversation we have. Good listening skills allow us to hear what is actually being said and open up the door for even more communication from the person we are conversing with. 

Verbal communication involves both speaking and listening. listening is key to effective working relationships among employees and between management and staff. Listening skills also impact a company’s interaction with customers and other businesses.

So how do we make the most of our communications and listen to what is being said and not said, when having conversations in business.

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15 expert areas a business coach brings to the table

Just as every business will need an accountant, benefit from marketing advice and call in an IT pro, sometimes the big issues of business require the assistance that only an expert can give. Let’s explore 15 expert areas a business coach brings to the table.

Whether it’s identifying your customer, formulating your business plan or plotting your exit strategy, here are the top 15 areas where a business coach is the go-to pro to furnish you with a second set of eyes, provide a solid sounding board and proffer the best advice.

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How Business Strategist can help you grow your personal and leadership skills

Business ownership requires the wearing of many hats. There’s staff management, customer relations, administration, and forward planning, but not all roles come naturally to all people.

If your forte is the fine print but not the finer details of staff negotiation and leadership, here’s how a Business Strategist can help you build your personal and leadership skills.

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