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Avoiding Overwhelm

Overwhelm is something that affects most of us at some stage in our life. It is the thing that appears to sneak up and wrestle us down when we least expect it.

Although it seems that that is the way it happens, the reality is quite different. Overwhelm happens when we take on more than we are able to handle at any given time and when we haven’t taken appropriate steps to avoid it appearing.

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Telling Your Story Clearly

In last week’s Monday Morning Motivation we focused on Telling Your Story.

This week let’s add to Telling Your Story by being really clear about what it is that you are saying to prospective customers.

This is not just the story that changes a prospect to customer/client, but also identifies your “ideal” customer.

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Telling Your Story

The last few weeks of Monday Morning Motivation we have focused on Activity.

Part of the Activity is Telling Your Story. This is the story that delivers all the information a prospect needs to hear in order to change from prospect to customer/client. Therefore, it needs to be told with enthusiasm and conviction.

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Building Activity to Grow Exponentially

As it happens, we can only control the activity – not the result. Therefore, get the activity right is of paramount importance.

To do this, try looking closely and with an analytical bent to what activity is required to deliver the outcomes you offer. Look to your procedures and processes. Look to your skills and abilities and question do they align with your promised outcomes.

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Are you Playing it Safe or Are you Striving to Shine?

At some time in your life you were so “inspired” to do something that you just did it.

You didn’t see the obstacles; you just went and ‘did’ and those obstacles simply fell away.

Chances are that you achieved whatever it was that you felt inspired to do. Or did you shift your focus to the obstacles and give them sufficient strength to stop your forward movement?

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