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A Business Conversation with Daniel Tolson – Social Intelligence to Win Sales Now!

Contrary to popular belief, the key to your success in sales is not in how well you know your product, or in how many cold calls you can make, or in having the right connections.
Although these things do help, expert consultant Daniel Tolson explains the key to success actually lies in your level of social intelligence, and without it, you’re simply living by the law of chance.
In this Business Conversations podcast, Daniel explains social

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Building Activity to Grow Exponentially

As it happens, we can only control the activity – not the result. Therefore, get the activity right is of paramount importance.

To do this, try looking closely and with an analytical bent to what activity is required to deliver the outcomes you offer. Look to your procedures and processes. Look to your skills and abilities and question do they align with your promised outcomes.

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Are you Playing it Safe or Are you Striving to Shine?

At some time in your life you were so “inspired” to do something that you just did it.

You didn’t see the obstacles; you just went and ‘did’ and those obstacles simply fell away.

Chances are that you achieved whatever it was that you felt inspired to do. Or did you shift your focus to the obstacles and give them sufficient strength to stop your forward movement?

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What are you Stressing about Today?

At this time of year many might be stressed because we are approaching the end of the financial year. Rather than stress over it, take the opportunity to examine your numbers and use them to determine your next steps.

Business is fairly simple as long as you understand a few basics and all the answers are in the numbers – as long as you know how to interpret them.

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