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Marketing Your Business – A Business Conversation on the Power of SEO, Google Ads & Paid Social

In this podcast, digital marketer David Pagotto talks through the common digital marketing approaches and demystifies some of the complexity.
He also sheds light on what people need to know in order to tackle digital marketing for their business themselves.
David explains digital marketing is often a cornerstone of

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Heather Rider offers her insight to Clive into why perfectionism is bad for business

Heather shares her first-hand experience of how perfectionism stifles our creativity, leads to procrastination and limits our full potential.
Instead, she explains when business owners are willing to try and “give it their best effort” they are far more likely to see quicker growth in their business, plus feel happier and more fulfilled.

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It’s all about the branding

The look, feel and image of your business are as important as any product you sell. It’s this almost intangible asset that gives you a leg up over your competitors or cements your position in the marketplace. It identifies who you are and what you are about, along with the way your product makes people feel. It’s all about the branding, and here’s how to translate yours to success.

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Ensuring the right coach and client fit

Like any good relationship, that between a coach and their client is built on trust and client communication. But like any business sometimes a potential client just isn’t the right fit.

As a coach is only as good as their reputation and results, it’s imperative for both the client and you, the coach, to clearly understand when to walk away. So, here are four signs a client may not be right for you, and what to do when you need to turn someone away.

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