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Growth – How to achieve growth

To achieve growth there are many things that need to work in unison. They need to be aligned and heading toward the end goal. But to achieve growth all the parts involved need to align with one thing above all the others.

The presentation of your goods or services needs to align with the view of that product or service held by your customer. If your view of your business and your customer’s view of your business are not aligned, no amount of all the other things will persuade a purchase. Starting from the right place is paramount.

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Time – How to Get More Time

If you’re in small business, there’s every chance you don’t have enough time. Whether that’s every day or last week or at random times across a week or a month, there’s a reason for that.

Being in small business often means there is only one person to fill all the roles. And each of the roles can seem that it attracts enough tasks for a full time job. Of course, each task that bobs up “demands” immediate attention.

I hear stories from people about gaining another day per week because they no longer have to travel to an office, because of Covid-19 lockdowns. That’s one way to find more time.

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Idea – Vision – Physical Reality

You’ve had this fantastic idea. Excitement and enthusiasm abound. What will you do with this world beater of an idea?

As time passes you answer all the questions you can think of and the idea becomes a vision. A vision of how the world will change because of your idea. How humankind will benefit from this tremendous discovery. And you’re ready to go to the market, convinced of how well you will be received. After all, it’s a no-brainer. You can smell all the piles of money as you lounge within them.

Why are prospective customers so reluctant? Why are they not stampeding your business with orders? Everyone “needs” this – What is holding them back?

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How to Handle ALL the Questions

Anyone interested in a product or service, regardless of what that is, will have questions. If they don’t have questions they are not really interested and don’t really want it.

The interesting thing about handling all these questions is this: if you know, really know your product/service and know who you provide it to, and under what conditions you provide it, most of those questions simply do not arise. The customer “knows” you have them covered.

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How to Maintain Enthusiasm

Part of doing business, winning and keeping clients or customers is Telling Your Story.

This is the story that makes the difference between you and your competitors. It’s what allows the prospect to discover the ‘one’ they want to work with; the one they trust to deliver their outcome. What they discover is the person / business they feel comfortable handing their dollars to in return for a product or service, secure in the knowledge they have made the right decision.

This story therefore needs to be told with enthusiasm and conviction.

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How to Maintain Confidence

We have all seen them. Those people who glide through life, surfing across what to others appear angry, frightening waves of turmoil and angst. They appear totally confident and nothing gets in their way.

What is it that allows them to bypass the drudgery, confusion and chaos that seems to paralyse others?

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Achieving by Overcoming Fear

Fear stops people achieving. Regardless of the dreams and wishes expressed, if a person is overcome by fear, achievement is impossible.

Fear treads on imagination – snuffs it out. Fear removes your self reliance – excises it so that you doubt yourself in every respect. Fear sucks out all enthusiasm – no matter how hard you try, those around you see only a try too hard. Fear takes the place of initiative and drives the sufferer to uncertainty. Fear invites and delivers failure in every form you can imagine.

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Numbers – Understanding more than Knowing

Numbers, numbers, numbers! We’ve heard it all before. And so many times.

We have heard much of it before, but did it make sense? Did it resonate with you? Did you hear the message? Or did the very word ‘numbers’ put you off?

The thing about numbers is that they are especially important when it comes to business. Not just especially important, they are paramount. Without understanding your numbers, you are missing out.

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Counting to Improve Efficiency

Business growth is often the biggest priority for every business operator. After all, growth equals more revenue, right? Well yes, but you want to understand how your business is operating to give you the best chance of growth.

Of course, you need a plan. Growth without planning is like setting sail without a map. You need to know where you intend to go and how you plan to get there before you set off. Otherwise, you put both your vessel and crew at risk of running aground.

Planning for growth involves knowing exactly where you are now, where you intend to be and charting a very clear course of how you intend to get there.

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Effective use of resources for rapid growth

Every business has resources, some of which are underutilised or not used to best advantage for rapid growth and sustained growth.

Using the resources at your disposal to their best advantage is paramount to obtaining the results you want. Achieving goals is made much more difficult if the resources are not well used.
The greatest resource is also finite – time.

Huge differences are apparent between not making best use of the time available compared to understanding what provides the sought after returns in the shorter time. Knowing how to use the time to communicate with prospects and existing clients delivers huge benefit to the business.

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