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Gain a fresh perspective on your business with a 60 minute brainstorming session with Clive Enever – The Business Mentor.




Clive Enever – The Business Mentor, shares his 30 years of expertise in this 60-minute brainstorming session dedicated to your business.

During a one-hour phone call, business owners will gain a fresh perspective on their enterprise, tapping into Clive’s wealth of knowledge.

Covering topics like growing your business, problem-solving, goal setting and forward planning, Clive offers his warm yet direct advice, via question and answer or covering specific topics.

Whether owners wish to increase their profits, improve sales results, streamline their performance or develop staff to their potential, Clive will focus on the issues that matter to you.

Place your order here, and Clive will contact you via email to organise a convenient time for 60 minutes of expertise during the most profitable phone call you will have this year.

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