The Strategy Circle

The Strategy Circle is the place where I talk and share business strategy with my inner circle.  Your membership gets you access to me via a dedicated business group, my course library along with Strategy Calls and Exercises to help you and your business grow.

The Strategy Circle empowers business owners through strategy and connection on a group level.

It is the place where you get to talk about business in a safe zone where we are committed to your business growth.

Your commitment as a member is to take action to strengthen and grow your business.


Business Strategy Q&A Group


You will become part of a mastermind group where you can ask myself and your fellow member’s questions about business

Monthly Business Strategy Calls

Strategy Calls allow you to tap into my 30+ years of Business Knowledge and asking him your burning questions.

My Course Library 

I have  a series of courses set to release in 2020 including, Selling without Fear, Gratitude and Grow, Identifying your ideal client and more

Monthly Exercise and Activities

Each Month I will share with you a group exercise to help you with your business strategy and growth.

You also get a copy of Inside Business

In this eBook Clive shares with you tips, hints and business tricks that he has learnt in over 30 years in business.

From single operators to small-scale retailers, internet entrepreneurs and growing corporations, every business goes through periods of start-up, growth, and refinement.

While the businesses and the operators behind them may differ, often the challenges they encounter are the same, as are the opportunities to overcome them.

And, although one size will never fit all, there are solutions to be found inside every business.

The Next Straegy Circle Group will start on August 3rd








My Approach

Providing powerful, high-impact mentoring, using an approach described as ‘warm, yet direct and results-driven‘, I help build a business owner’s success while creating the lifestyle they crave.  I bring all my knowledge, experience, empathy and communication skills to the community.

Delivering easy to understand advice and guidance I help you align your view of your business with your clients view of your business.

Helping you understand that dreaming is okay and identifying your true goals and definite chief purpose, I help you:

  • understand your business and your relationship to it; &
  • find clarity and the path to your success.

I help build the foundations from which your business can grow strongly and quickly so you can achieve everything you want.