“Clive – I can’t thank you enough for your business coaching.  You’ve taken the fear out of terms like ‘business plan’ and ‘cash flow projection’ and ‘sales’.  I’ve always been passionate about my work, and you’ve given my business the scaffolding it needed to grow.  The results of your coaching are a more professional, organised and lucrative organisation – you really know your stuff!”  – Emma G.where-would-you-be-300x300


“Thank you also for the great session this morning – Although it was only short I got a lot out of it and since then have a client paying me $2,700 for my package. Your sharing gave me the confidence to ask for the money! (normally I give away too much for free and rarely ask for the money) I have a new relatedness of value on myself……… Thank you!” – Paul D.


“Since Clive has started helping me with my business and coaching, my business and customer base has doubled!   I can’t believe what a few small changes and some fabulous idea’s from Clive has helped me get as far as I am today.  Before I was doing bare minimum work – today I work 12 hours a day!! I’m almost at a point where I need to employ someone to help me.  Thank you so much Clive for your ongoing support and friendship. It means a lot to me!” – Bec.


“Your Sales Training is fantastic! After the very first session my success rate increased remarkably. I have experienced improved performance following each session and it stays with me. I am far more comfortable; relaxed when I am dealing with prospects and clients alike and my confidence knows no bounds. Thank you so very much.” – Rebecca M.


“A million thanks for your time …I feel so lucky to have your guidance …. I was a bit dazed initially … to think such plenitude could hang on a winning strategy……. I will rethink things; the first thing to go will be the belief that ‘quality sells itself’.”  Margaret K.


I knew when you came on board to help with my business that I would learn a lot from you about business. I never realised though that you would help me grow as a person as well. After many “counselling sessions” with you I found that I have grown as a person and learnt many things that I have been able to take into my family life. My business is developing and growing through wonderful advice from you.