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Step up – Lead your team to success

Whether you envisaged it or not when you first started in business, any business owner is the captain at the helm of a ship. In this role you are not only responsible for your own financial welfare but the livelihood of others, their job satisfaction and the course that your boat will navigate to reach the sunny shores of success.

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Things to ask a Business Coach – before you hire them.

A relationship with a business coach could be one of the most meaningful professional liaisons you establish in the business world.

Ultimately, they can help you decipher your path to success, act as a sounding board for innovation, assist in implementing strategies to streamline your enterprise or guide its growth. But like any relationship the first step is establishing trust.

Here is a list of questions to ask when considering any prospective coach to ensure they’re the right person to meet your needs and expectations and you get off to a great start in the process.

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Why you need a network

You can have the most innovative product, the best marketing plan and the most customer-oriented company on the block, but in business sometimes it’s who you know that really counts. This almost unquantifiable asset isn’t something you note down on a balance sheet or attest to when seeking finance, but a good network is one of your most valuable secret weapons. A coach or mentor can help you build one and here’s why you need it.

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Why review and set goals?

Goals change throughout the life of a business and what may have been the primary issue on your agenda in 2017 could be ticked off, resolved or no longer relevant. Which means it is time to review your goals and assessing what you hope to achieve in the next 12 months...

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The big questions of business coaching

Successful coaching requires a number of skills; listening, empathy and observation, but arguably one of the most important skills any mentor can have is asking the right question at the right time. A well worded question at a well chosen moment will yield a wealth of...

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How would you like a Business Tip a Day in 2018?

It is December and as we round out another year I am planning for 2018 and beyond, and in 2018 I would like to help you with your business journey by sharing 365 tips with you throughout the year. The journey will start on Jan 1st and in your inbox each day there will...

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The Importance of Taking a Break

With the welcome break of Christmas now only days away, many business owners will have the opportunity to reevaluate their goals for 2018, while enjoying quality family time. Chances are, even the small time away from your business will offer you the opportunity to...

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Goal setting – Get SMART

Effective goal setting involves being very clear about what you want to do, with a timeframe in mind and measurements in place to ensure you get where you hope to go.

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Seven strategies for dealing with Business Overwhelm

In simple terms the feeling of overwhelm relates to having too much to do in too little time. It’s a position that blinds business operators to future opportunity and the goals they wish to achieve.

So here’s a little expert insight into recognising business overwhelm and the strategies required to take back the business reins.

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Handling the Five Stages of Business Growth

In the heady world of small business your average tyre repair shop and software start-up may seem light years apart. But according to a seminal study by Harvard Business Review they’re not as different as you think with all small businesses working through the same...

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